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Cllr Pat Budgen 01939 260207

I was brought up on a farm in North Wales. At 19 I spent 15 months working my way round the world, including flying as a member of an aerobatic team in New Zealand. My parents hoped that travel would quell my sense of adventure! On returning home I worked in London and was married in 1970. We moved, in 1976 together with our two children then aged 4 ½ and 18 months to Baschurch. Not an area that was strange to us as my mother had previously lived at Boreatton House and my father had, until he sold it, a farm at Wykey. Our son was educated in Shropshire and our daughter went initially to the playgroup in Baschurch, in those days it was in the Methodist Hall, there was no village hall. My husband opened a Peugeot Dealership in Shrewsbury in 1978 which he sold in 1990.

I have been involved in various charities in Shropshire but principally in The British Red Cross Society with whom I did 25 years active voluntary service. I was a Trustee of the Branch for a number of years, worked as a first aider at public events, lead the International Message and Tracing Service for the County, chaired the Fund Raising Committee for a number of years and was Deputy President, representing the Branch at Regional Level, playing a key role in the re-organisation of the Branch. Until sustaining a bad injury I was a keen rider and am interested in all country sports. I love gardening, travelling and am a Church goer. I care passionately about what happens both in the countryside and our local community and have had the privilege of serving on the Parish Council for 10 years.

Cllr Sarah Richards 01939 261396

Cllr John Lloyd (Vice-Chair) 01939 260336

I have lived in Baschurch all my life and and presently live on The Wheatlands. For many years I was a retained Fireman at Baschurch Fire Station. I joined the Parish Council in May 1995 for the Baschurch Ward and was Chairman between 2005 and 2007.

Cllr Johnathan Carr (Chair) 01939 260587

I was born and brought up in a village on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, which in those days still had two working wool mills complete with wooden clog-shod workers!In 1960 I had my first taste of Shropshire when at the age of 13 I was packed off to Wellington, where I enjoyed 5 happy years at Wrekin College, before going on to qualify in 1971 as a chartered accountant, the same year I married Helen. We moved back to Shropshire in 1980 buying a house at Marton, before moving into our current home in Baschurch in 1989. Our three daughters all went to Myddle Primary School and the Corbet School Baschurch and on to successful careers via university. For the last 25 years I have been building a business near Telford that now employs about 65 people. Two years ago, at normal retirement age I decided to reduce my working week to 3 days to make time to do other things and the business is now run successfully by a new partner.

I enjoy fly fishing, motorcycling and caravanning when time permits and have been very involved in developing UKIP North Shropshire, in which I have been involved many years as a founding member, past chairman, treasurer and regional treasurer. I also occasionally help in the garden and allotment! The extra time has also allowed me more opportunity to become involved in my role as a parish councilor. I look forward to serving the best interests of the village, which is a really nice place to live with a good community spirit.

Cllr Brian Welti

Cllr Terry Feltus 01939 260780

I was born in Harmer Hill and lived there until 1983 when I got married to Christine and moved to Coton Hill, in Shrewsbury. We moved to Walford in 1989, and have lived there ever since. We have two children who both attended and thoroughly enjoyed their time at Baschuch Primary School, and are both currently at the Corbet School.Employment wise, I have been employed in the National Health Service in Shropshire for almost thirty years, the majority of which was spent in the finance arena. However for the last ten years I have been fortunate to be employed as the Local Counter Fraud Specialist for both of the Primary Care Trusts in Shropshire. This is a job I enjoy immensely as I feel it is vitally important to ensure that valuable NHS resources are not lost to fraud but are directed to where they should be which is to treating patients.

In my spare time, other than spending as much time as possible with my family, I run a Cricket Team where I work, and work part-time for Shrewsbury Town Football Club on matchdays.I became interested in the Parish Council following attending a number of meetings to raise concerns over the safety of the roads in the Walford area. I feel the Walford/Baschurch area is a lovely place to live, and one in which I hope my two children will choose to settle in later years. By joining the Parish Council, I’m looking forward not only to contributing in maintaining the parish to its current standards, but striving to make improvements, wherever possible, to the quality of life in the parish, and by doing so keeping it a great place to live.

Cllr Gerry Tomlins 01939 260892

My husband and I have lived here in Baschurch since 1980 and renovated/rebuilt the house ourselves. We have three daughters and i work from home as a seamstress making and altering wedding/bridesmaid dresses as well as all sorts of other sewing requirements. I have an interest in photography and I am keen on photograph editing. I walk, cycle and read (not all at the same time!). I am interested in local history and the environment hence my joining the Parish Council, which I am beginning to enjoy but feel I have hardly touched the surface! There is so much more to it than meets Joe Public’s eye.

Cllr Roy Roberts 01939 260031

I was born at Broom Farm, Stanwardine and attended the primary school at Baschurch. I then moved on to study engineering at the Shrewsbury Technical College, now the Wakeman School. I spent most of my life in structural engineering and took early retirement some 10 years ago, which means I am able to spend more time with my grandchildren and on recreational pursuits, such as the Twinning Association. I enjoy meeting people and helping in the community.

I have spent 15 years as Chairman of Weston Village Lullingfields Village Hall. My Grandfather, Ted Roberts, was on the Parish Council in the 1940s and 1950s and I joined 23 years ago. In that time I have seen big changes to the village, one being the Village Green, which I had the privilege of signing the deeds for. This was during my first period as Chairman. I feel in a small way I have left my mark on the village having had the original idea for a Millennium Stone and persuading the rest of the Councillors that it would be a nice idea, that would last the rigours of time.

Cllr Linda McMaster

Cllr Bernard Leeden

I moved to Baschurch in 2002 having previously lived in Whitchurch since 1988. I am married to Carol and have a daughter and stepson who live in Whitchurch and Birmingham respectively. Carol and I really enjoy living in Baschurch and especially like the friendly atmosphere and community spirit that exists in the area. I have spent my life in food retail starting as a trainee butcher when I left school and eventually becoming a retail director of a regional chain of supermarkets based in Shropshire. I joined the Co-operative group in 1994 and held a number of senior positions within the food division until I retired in January 2010. My hobbies include gardening, watching most sports and visiting the theatre. I enjoy meeting people and since retiring I have made many new friends in the area. I am Chairman of Baschurch Allotment Association which was formed in 2010 and I have been elected on to the Co-operative group North Midlands area committee. I enjoy working in the community especially participating in community projects and I am really looking forward to making a positive contribution to the Parish Council in helping maintain the excellent reputation and standards that the Council have.

Cllr Paul Ridgley 01939 261390

Mrs Anne Howls (Clerk to the Parish Council) 01939 260442

Mrs Anne Howls who has lived in Stanwardine-in-the-Fields for the past 30 years joined Baschurch Parish Council in 2001. She obtained the AQA Certificate in Local Council Administration with Distinction in August 2004. A retired Police Officer she continues to enjoy working with the local communities as she did during her Police Career.

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