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We Don’t Buy Crime – SmartWater

With crime and the fear of crime being on the increase, Baschurch Parish Council is pleased to announce it has been successful in a grant application from the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for funding towards the cost of providing SmartWater packs FREE to every home within the Parish. Evidence has shown that areas that sign up to the ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ initiative and have homes marked with SmartWater see a decrease in burglary and theft of up to 80%!
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Local Plan Review

For the Local Plan Review for Baschurch Parish – October 2020
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Further  completed Representation Forms:
part-b-representation-form-1 BPC DP5
part-b-representation-form-1 BPC S16.2
part-b-representation-form-1 BPC SP1
part-b-representation-form-1 BPC SP10

Leisure  Facilities  Strategy Survey

For the Leisure Facilities Strategy Survey (click here)

COVID19 Assistance Numbers

Details and Contact numbers for the BASCHURCH COVID-19 SUPPORT GROUP
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Information to assist Baschurch Parish residents during the Covid-19 outbreak.
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Covid-19 Contact List & Helplines.
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Covid19 – Rights of Way.
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Media Release – Urgent Care Centres at Royal Shrewsbury and Princess Royal Hospitals
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